Our Audio Mixing and Mastering Work

We Edit, Mix and Master your Audio


The Process

Mixing takes multiple tracks and blends them into one track that sounds cohesive, clear, and punchy. Mastering takes the stereo mix, and enhances it using EQ, compression, and limiting – ensuring maximum loudness, with minimal distortion, so it sounds good on all systems, and is ready for distribution.

What we can do for a Mix !

  • levels/balance (setting the relative levels between the musical elements)
  • panorama/width (positioning the elements within the stereo field and setting the stereo width of stereo signals)
  • height (position of an instrument in the frequency range)
  • colour (adjusting the spectrum and formants, using filters and EQs)
  • dynamics (adjusting the dynamic range, using compressors, gates, limiters, volume envelopes, etc.)
  • depth, dimension (adjusting the forward/back position of musical elements, using ambience effects such as hall,
    delay, etc.).

Mastering techniques we use !

  • the process of optimizing the frequency and dynamic range of a recording so that it sounds best on most repro-
    ducing systems.
  • the process of preparing a recording for the final support media (for example, CD, DVD-Audio, Tape, etc.): this
    includes trimming the tracks to the exact length, setting fade ins and outs, adjusting pauses between the tracks,
    setting the relative level and balance of the single tracks, setting the track start and end markers (PQ editing), etc.
  • mastering is also the last chance to fix things that went wrong during the production process: sometimes small
    edits and corrections might be performed at this stage.
  • re-mastering usually refers to restoring and polishing an old or damaged master tape, using different techniques,
    such as denoising, decrackling, etc.
  • mastering (like mixing) has a lot to do with music and style, and with taste as well; different musical styles often
    require very different approaches and the sound-aesthetics can vary considerably.

Pricing quote will be calculated upon evaluation of the audio files and the client requirements. Quote turnaround is maximum 24 hours. Please use button below to upload your files.