Our Podcast Editing and Mastering Work

We Edit, Mix and Master your Podcast


The Process

You may need to mix and master your audio podcast if the voice recording sounds dull, lifeless, incomprehensible, thin, or the volume wavers.Podcast mastering is a form of audio post-production. The recorded audio is processed to make it more understandable and to boost its quality.

What we can do !

  • Podcast editing involves removing gaps, mistakes, unwanted sounds, words or parts, edit out of um’s, ah’s, silences, stumbles, coughs. Editing of a podcast usually takes 4-5 times more than the full length of the podcast itself.
  • Podcast mixing contains arrangement (add music, intro, outro), mixing the voices of the participants (interviewee, interviewer), applying EQ, compression, gates, etc.  Arranging and mixing a podcast usually takes the full length of the podcast in time.
  • Podcast mastering process usually starts with a thorough, critical listening, and evaluate what we heard.

The next step is to apply equalization and dynamic process in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems and reach the loudness standards for internet distribution.

Podcast material types we work with !

  • Podcast editing and mastering
  • Screencast editing and mastering
  • Radio show editing and mastering
  • Radio documentary editing and mastering
  • Webcast editing and mastering
  • Webinar editing and mastering
  • Audiobook editing and mastering
  • Sermon editing and mastering
  • Voice recording editing and mastering
  • Video podcast editing and mastering
  • Many others such as audiocast, netcast, coursecast, and cybercast

Pricing quote will be calculated upon evaluation of the audio files and the client requirements. Quote turnaround is maximum 24 hours. Please use button below to upload your files.