Our Remixing and Backing Track Work

We can create stems from your music

The Process

Sometimes you may need the music of a good song so you canĀ  make your own song cover, adding your vocals or create a video with the music in the background, or on the other hand you may need just a good vocal without the music. We have the tools to automatically separates songs into Vocals, Drums, Bass and remaining music stems for sampling, practice, and more. Unmix tracks into stems, and stems into component parts. Quickly identify, isolate, and work on the tone, transients and noise signatures of extracted instruments.

What we can do !

Dialogue Isolation

  • Preserve original dialogue in new, immersive upmixes.
  • Separate dialogue from unwanted music or background noise

Dialogue Removal

  • Reach new markets with foreign language dubbing
  • Automate M&E creation

Music Removal

  • Avoid expensive music relicensing fees for digital and streaming releases
  • Replace cues with cost-effective alternatives

Music Separation

  • Separate songs into vocals, drums, bass and remaining music stems
  • Create instrumentals and backing tracks


Audio material types for edit and restore?

  • Audio files such as .wav, .flac, etc. Please note that the result depends on the source file. Sometimes cleaning of an .mp3 file may worth it, but if you have a better quality audio file it will result in a smoother cleaned file
  • Audio of a video file taken with your camera or your mobile phone
  • Audio of your podcast material
  • Professional voice-overs (narrations, audiobooks)
  • Seminar recordings
  • Conference audio (or videos such as Google Meet or Zoom)
  • Audio on your YouTube videos, so your business will look more professional
  • Old, transcripted records, as old tapes or vinyles
  • Sound of old video tapes (VHS and so on)
  • Wedding videos (even if you recorded the sound of the PA system through the camera mic)
  • Marketing videos, testimonials

Pricing quote will be calculated upon evaluation of the audio files and the client requirements. Quote turnaround is maximum 24 hours. Please use button below to upload your files.