Our Audio Editing and Restoration Work

We denoise and improve your recordings

The Process

Audio artifacts come in many types and every Audio Editing and Restoration project is unique. As such, each project is individually quoted based upon its complexity. Rates are quoted upon review and assessment of components submitted. Izotope RX9 and Steinberg’s Spectralayers advanced processes isolate and eliminate audio artifacts such as hiss, scratches, hum, mechanical and impulse noise. The Software tools we use are not a single process or module, but a set of effective tools to remove bothersome noise without compromising the program material. These tools can be utilized to restore old recordings, remove unwanted noise from live recording and repair audio materials that may have audio mistakes.

What we can do !

  • Click and pop removal
  • Hum and hiss removal
  • Crackle and buzz removal
  • Background noise clean-up
  • Unwanted noise such as telephone ringing or whistle removal
  • Fixing distorted audio
  • Declipping
  • Unwanted reverb and echo reduction
  • Static removal without affecting the audio quality
  • Fixing sibilance and plosives
  • Removal of moderate wind
  • Getting rid of tape noise
  • Mouth declicking (elimination of clicks, pops and smacks)
  • Fixing mic bumps and rustling (especially on lapel mic recordings)

Audio material types for edit and restore?

  • Audio files such as .wav, .flac, etc. Please note that the result depends on the source file. Sometimes cleaning of an .mp3 file may worth it, but if you have a better quality audio file it will result in a smoother cleaned file
  • Audio of a video file taken with your camera or your mobile phone
  • Audio of your podcast material
  • Professional voice-overs (narrations, audiobooks)
  • Seminar recordings
  • Conference audio (or videos such as Google Meet or Zoom)
  • Audio on your YouTube videos, so your business will look more professional
  • Old, transcripted records, as old tapes or vinyles
  • Sound of old video tapes (VHS and so on)
  • Wedding videos (even if you recorded the sound of the PA system through the camera mic)
  • Marketing videos, testimonials

Please provide specific instructions on what editing and restoration you wish us to perform on your file(s),  and express what your expectations are.

If you just want to send us a communication without files, type a messgae don’t include any files and hit the submit button.

The limitations are 10 files can be uploaded in one submission and each file size limited is 1 Gigabyte.


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